Assessments are always completed electronically through TCES Community. If an assessment is completed on paper this must be entered into the system for the complete end-to-end ordering process to be completed correctly. The assessment date is recorded and forms part of the 18-week timeline. Post assessment letters can be generated and further assessments can be booked into clinic or as a home visit.

Assessment outcomes will be:
  • Prescription issued
  • Another assessment is arranged
  • Pause/stop 18-week clock



pause/stop clock


Pause/Stop Clock

There are a number of reasons why the 18-week timeline would be paused or stopped:

  • Return to referrer
  • Assessment and adjustment of existing equipment
  • Service User declines offered treatment
  • Service User dies before equipment provided
  • Service User clinically unwell or lacks Mental Capacity
  • Admission to hospital
  • Did Not Attend (DNA)
  • Service User unavailable
  • Issues outside of wheelchair services control
  • Unsafe home environment
  • Wheelchair Voucher/Budget

assessment screenshot