Everything You Need to Know about SaaS

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  SaaS is a term you might see a lot in online circles or tech publications and it’s thrown around so often that its meaning can become slightly obscured. SaaS stands for “Software as a Service”. Through a subscription, a user is given access to externally-hosted software that provides them…

Benefits of a Combined Software Solution

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Benefits of a Combined Software and Hardware Asset Management Solution Managing assets effectively is no small task. For ongoing accurate asset data items need to be tracked throughout their whole lifecycle, databases for their information need to be comprehensive, and every single process needs to be logged, verified, and authenticated.…

Data Security -Top of the agenda?

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Every modern business needs to store and manage a substantial amount of data. Whether it’s financial data, contact information, or a database of employee details and passwords. The point is: you need to keep your data safe. But how can you keep it safe? Why should you care? To answer…

Cyber Security Month 2022

Cyber Security Awareness Month
As Autumn and October approach they bring with them the month of Cyber Security Awareness. In a predominantly digital sector, cyber security is of the utmost importance as personal details and business operations need to always be kept as secure as possible. Here at CSS, we take cyber security extremely…

Face-to-Face vs Virtual Training

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Since the pandemic took hold of the world virtual training sessions have become the new normal but is virtual training a better way to learn compared to the traditional face-to-face method? In this weeks blog we take a look at the pros and cons of training new organisations in our…

9 Mistakes to Avoid a Failed Wheelchair Service Software Implementation – Part 3

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Welcome to the last part of the ‘9 Mistakes to Avoid a Failed Wheelchair Service Software Implementation’ series. To recap quickly here are the 9 mistakes to jog your memory: Lack of Sufficient Planning Not getting everyone on board Carrying our excessive customisation No full-time client-side project manager Insufficient focus…

9 Mistakes to Avoid a Failed Wheelchair Service Software Implementation – Part 1

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Implementing a new wheelchair service software solution can be a complex, time consuming and expensive task for a business to undertake. With potential delays and costly consequences lurking around every corner project failure can be an unfortunate outcome for many organisations undertaking such a change if not managed correctly. This…

The right tagging solution

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A vital stage of implementing a new wheelchair software solution into your service is choosing the right tagging solution that will help you optimise asset tracking and employee productivity. Choosing the correct tagging option the first time won’t only save you money but will also help you sail through labelling…

Goals, Roles and Responsibilities

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  A clear software implementation program can be split into 3 sections: Goals Roles Responsibilities When these 3 key points are understood by both the customer and the software provider the end result will be amazing. First and foremost are your GOALS. What would you like to achieve? Do you…