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TCES Wheelchair has the capability of integrating with a variety of external sources including service desk, incident management and electronic management systems. On request, our project delivery team will discuss in detail what internal systems need to be integrated into TCES Wheelchair and with permission from both parties will make sure they communicate effectively together before go live.

TCES Wheelchair specifically integrates with service desk software such as Zendesk and Landesk to make sure vital ticket requests are never missed and resolved as soon as possible.

TCES Wheelchair’s API system integration capabilities enhances our product offering, bringing increased visibility to services and their workflows.

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API Integrations include but aren't limited to:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Zendesk
  • Landesk
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TCES Wheelchair is integrated with ReachDeck, offering key usability and accessibility to all. It reduces language barriers and encourages participation from audiences with dyslexia, low literacy or mild visual impairments. This integration has many attributes including language selection, reading tools such as highlighted text options and an audio function.

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TCES Wheelchair also integrates with the powerful screen reading technology JAWS® whose aim is focused on improving and enhancing the use of computers for those with visual impairments. Offering both visual and audible flexibility JAWS® is multi-lingual, supports Braille displays, and has the capability to process images into speech, allowing users to manage productivity with ease.

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Sage and Oracle

TCES Wheelchair has the capability of integrating with a variety of external and internal sources if required. Financial systems such as Sage and Oracle commonly require integration with TCES Community to streamline sales invoicing. Once created our management reports will enable a service to drive down and analyse financials, increasing visibility throughout a community equipment service.

Find out more about our API web service by contacting our support desk for further information.