Making sure our TCES Wheelchair solution is used to its optimum for go live!

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On-Site support is offered to all new contracts to ensure TCES Wheelchair is being utilised correctly, and efficiencies are being optimised from day one.

A member of our project delivery team will assist with all software and hardware queries, making sure all staff are fully equipped to use the platform going forward.

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As well as providing complete reassurance on how to use TCES Wheelchair, on-site assistance can also include:

  • Refresher scanner training
  • Configuration of depot locations
  • Inventory checks
  • Where inventory information can be viewed within TCES Wheelchair, including full history of items
  • Demonstrations of how to send electronic items for repair
  • How picking for drivers works and how they are released each day
  • How items can be found by serial number
  • Labelling procedures – ensuring all assets are labelled


Labelling is paramount when using TCES Wheelchair which is why we will assist you with the process if required. Use customised pre-printed labels, created by our project delivery team and eliminate the need for you staff to electronically create and print labels.

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