Service User Management

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Manage clinical and service user data with ease

The dedicated CRM within our wheelchair solution will initially be checked for a service user, which is where all clinical and service user data is managed. For all new service users, an online form is completed enabling all clinical data to be recorded. Notes and documents can always be added, making sure comprehensive service user information and vital clinical alterations are always available.

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Ensure all vital service user data is easily accessible

  • Service user records
  • Carer updates
  • Client notes, referrals or order levels
  • Communications can be arranged by letter, email and SMS
  • Any service user feedback can be added
  • Changes made to records and who made them can be viewed
  • 18-week timeline can be stopped or paused

Benefit from...

One centralised platform for decreased data processing

A secure click of a button interface

Historic service user data

A complete communication trail