Reduce your paper outlay

paper outlay illustrationA paperless office space may be hard to comprehend and it could feel unachievable to eliminate paper entirely. Take the initial step and have a look around your office environment…Can you cut back on your paper output?

The most evident benefit of reducing your paper outlay is to become an environmentally friendly organisation, contributing to a greener world by reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Rightly so, this reason alone is the driving force towards change for many organisations, however, there are many more benefits of reducing paper usage and ultimately becoming paper-free.

Benefits of reducing your paper usage and using an online solution:

  • It saves time as data will be accessible in real-time online
  • Costs will be reduced through the elimination of printing costs
  • Data reliability will be improved by reducing human error and lost information.
  • Easier auditing and reporting capabilities
  • Increased data security
  • Multiple online user accessibility 

Technology plays a vital part in becoming paperless. From basic Microsoft Excel and Word programmes to more advanced software options that can help us with every aspect of business operations. We can literally have it all at our fingertips and eliminate the need for paper throughout every department, even the well-known paper-intensive departments such as accounts and administration.

Our wheelchair service software TCES Wheelchair will help you towards a more controlled and managed environment. The system enables your organisation to keep track of your entire inventory. You can view service user information within one centralised location, ensure movements and updates are never missed. TCES Wheelchair eliminates the need for paper throughout every aspect of your wheelchair service process, saving you time, money and improving data accuracy throughout.

To find out more about TCES Wheelchair visit: or contact our Business Development team via: – 0800 652 0488

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