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Customers are the driving force for your entire business cycle, from start to finish. They’re the most important piece of the puzzle and that is why customer service needs to be of the utmost importance when purchasing a wheelchair service management software solution or any software solution for that matter.

Why is customer service so important?

  • It ensures customers are using their chosen wheelchair service management software solution to its full potential
  • To provide security and reassurance
  • It assists in keeping customers happy
  • To build relationships and attract repeat custom


When customers are using their chosen solution to its full potential it means the wheelchair service management software is working for them in all the ways they expected it to and that’s beneficial not only to them but also to you as a business. They will be more likely to continue using the software year on year and extend the modules they have or increase the usage of it across their own organisation to different branches etc. Customer service is important because it provides security and reassurance, which could be through routine software updates that improves overall usability, whilst staying up to date with security regulations, ensuring information is kept secure and out of reach of malicious viruses. Customer service reassures people that there will always be someone there to help them when they have a query or issue with the system they are using, they’re never left on their own to figure things out. Keeping customers happy by providing an all-encompassing software solution for them to work with and the customer service to make them feel secure and reassured leads to enjoyable working relationships. These relationships can be productive through feedback and suggestions from customers that let them feel heard and valued.

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As a wheelchair service management software organisation, we offer a friendly helpdesk service to all customers should they have any enquiries, which is available throughout the complete lifecycle of their contract with us. Our helpdesk facility Zendesk is a cloud-based customer service software platform that allows a full auditable ticketing trail, meaning when a ticket is raised customers gain a transparent overview of ticket progress, priority classification and the name of their designated support personnel.

For peace of mind, automations in e-mail form confirm a help ticket has been registered with the helpdesk right through to the successful resolution of the query, keeping the client informed of all comments and updates along the way.

customer service illustrationA reliable wheelchair service management software solution backed by attentive customer service options increases the likelihood of customer contracts being renewed and recommendations being made. Without our customer service operation our software offerings and customer base wouldn’t be what it is today.  With customer care at the centre of the business cycle our company and wheelchair service management software solution has improved and grown throughout the years.


To find out more about our wheelchair service management solution, TCES Wheelchair and our customer support operation please visit: or contact our Business Development team, at or call 0800 652 0488.

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