World Environment Day

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Today is World Environment Day, a day where we take a step back to consider the impact of what we do on the environment. There’s no doubt you’ve heard about climate change and rising sea levels, it’s all a result of how we get by personally and professionally.

While reducing the impact is no easy task every little contribution helps. Each business has a corporate social responsibility (CSR) to do their part and with a wheelchair services software solution you can do this and much more.

A wheelchair services system can do many things for your business, including:

  • Streamlining and automating your operational processes
  • Increase efficiencies by keeping your assets and inventory well-maintained
  • Create clear audit trails
  • Optimise routing schedules
  • And enhance compliance

But in addition to improving your business operations these have benefits to the environment.

Streamlining and digitally automating your processes allows you to reduce the amount of paper you use in the office. With everything visible via desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile there is less need to print unnecessary docs or work orders. your office becomes less cluttered with mountains of paper and everything is available at the click of a button.

Increase asset efficiencies by keeping them well-maintained. A piece of equipment that is serviced regularly and on time runs better and more efficiently. Think of your fleet of cars/vans, if a service is delayed or left until absolutely necessary, the engine works harder than it needs to or uses extra fuel adding to already high CO2 emissions.

Optimising routing schedules has the environment in mind specifically along with faster/improved customer service. Driver routes can be optimised to prioritise postcodes and even activity types. Shorter routes mean less fuel is used and money is saved while drivers can be more productive.

With an asset management system you can optimise your operations, produce cost-saving efficiencies while contributing to CO2 reductions easily. There are benefits for all involved.

In a world and generation that is becoming increasingly more aware of their impact on the environment customers are more inclined to work with and will greatly appreciate when a company is aware and embraces their corporate social responsibility.

For more information about our wheelchair services software solution and how it can reduce your carbon footprint visit our homepage or give us a call on 0844 879 4531.

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